Update Log🛠️


--New Features Multiple Baby Diggestion Added Multiple Baby Level Upgrade Added

--Feature Edits Maintance time and price formula updated (oldformula*3)

--Network Updates Attack Method audit Baby Level update Method audit Big Hunting Method audit Game Wallet Owl Claim Method audit Maintance Method audit

--Bug Fixes Performance Improved UI Fixes


--New Features Add Babies to Existing Attack Group

--Feature Edits Big Hunting Winter season started

--Network Updates Owloper Stake-Claim Method audit Attacks Claim Method audit Big Hunting Attack Method audit

--Bug Fixes Nest (Owloper and Owloper Baby) page loading speeds improved Incubator page loading speed improved Forest page loading speed improved Some UI fixes


Big hunting UI Fix


--Feature Edits Big Hunting Feature Changed. (If Boss survives longer then 2 weeks, to be fair under winter season terms, some of players income will not be reduced if they hit enough times to the boss)

--Network Updates Big Hunting Method Updated (Gas Fee Friendly New Method)

Notes: New big hunting features available after Level 5 Boss

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